To help useful work thrive

We await those who “want to do work that makes people happy.”

At Purex, we use high-end technology and our enthusiasm to make superior linen supply equipment, in order to provide a sense of comfort and confidence to the accommodations of domestic and foreign medical institutions, hotels, etc. Would you like to be a part of that?

We are looking to fill in technical and sales positions (a few select individuals)

Application Requirements

  • Job Openings: Technical Positions, Sales Positions
  • Recruitment Department: Science Graduates (Mechanical・Electrical・Information Systems)

Working Conditions

  • Salary: according to company specifications
  • Various Allowances/Benefits: Job Title・Technology・Accident-Free Environment・Support・Community・Commuting・Overtime Pay, etc.
  • Transportation Expenses: Maximum of 100,000 yen/month (as per company regulations)
  • Bonuses: Twice a year (June, December)
  • Raises: Once a year (April)
  • Office Location: Headquarters (Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture), Sales Offices (Tokyo, Osaka)
  • Working Hours: 8:30 to 17:30 (9:00 to 17:45 for Tokyo office only)
  • Workweek: 5-Day Workweek
  • Vacation: End of Year/New Year Holidays (varies by job), special leave, annual paid vacation, refreshment leave
  • Workers’ Union: Yes
  • Insurance Program: Health・Welfare・Employment・Worker’s Compensation
  • Housing: Available (resident criteria according to company standards)
  • Training: New employee training, specific training, etc.
  • Welfare program: Employee Benefits: retirement plans, asset-building savings plans, company housing, recreation facility contract, birthday celebrations, year-end party, beer parties, sports activities (baseball, tennis, golf, etc.), baseball tournament

Recruitment & Selection Method

  • Screening Procedure: Written Exam (general knowledge, aptitude test), Interview (individual, joint interview, presentation)

Inquiries about Employment

Employment Q&A

What is the process up to employment?

The entry process consists of a paper screening, followed by a primary interview and a secondary interview.

What are the recruitment standards and what makes an ideal candidate?

We want to hire those who have a desire to face challenges and will tackle any situation with a high degree of motivation. We provide an environment in which you can hone your skills as a professional.

How is personal information handled during the employment process?

The personal information on your resume entrusted to us at the time of your application will be returned to you, along with the notification of the results of the hiring process.

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